Additional Fees and Charges

Additional Service Fees:

We sometimes must charge for services over and above your electricity supply. Mostly these charges are to recover the cost of third party fees for additional services you will have utilised or incurred.

Listed here are our charges for services other than your regular electricity supply.

Additional Service Fees Schedule

Note: All fees are exclusive of GST

Contact your local Distribution Company for new connection pricing

Reconnection of supply
If reconnection can be done remotely $25.00
If a site visit is required $120.00
Disconnection of supply
If disconnection can be done remotely $25.00
If a site visit is required $120.00
Special/final read
If reading can be done remotely $25.00
If a site visit is required $95.00
Price plan change
If price plan change can be done remotely $35.00
If a site visit is required $95.00
Meter configuration change
To change your meter configuration $150.00
New connection
*For any new connection you must apply to your local Distribution Company. Distribution Companies charge for new connections and you will need to obtain pricing for their services from them. For meter installation charges please see “Installing or changing meter equipment” below.
Additional visit required to certify site after energisation $95.00
Installing or changing meter equipment
There is no charge for a new meter installation or for changing your meter when using our preferred meter equipment provider. If you wish to use another meter equipment provider then fees will apply on a time and materials basis. You may contact us for a quote if required. FREE or charged $ = Time and Materials
Meter investigations/test
To investigate/test your meter $250.00
Capacity upgrade/downgrade
To upgrade/downgrade your capacity $175.00
Site visit
For a requested site visit $95.00
Cancelled site visit
Where you cancel a pre arranged site visit $95.00

Rural and Remote Locations

Additional charges will apply to rural and remote locations to recover costs of additional travel time and distance. We will advise you of these costs when you request an additional service.

Additional Information

  • Prices exclude GST.
  • Additional fees may apply for services not listed here. We will advise you of such fees when you require additional services.
  • A combination of the fees may apply. We will advise you if this applies when you require additional services.
  • Prices are effective 1 February 2017 and are subject to change in accordance with our terms and conditions.
  • If you require additional services for multiple ICPs/meters, the fees may apply per ICP/meter.