This page is to raise funds for Friends with Tales Animal Rehoming NZ.

With your help we can save more lives!


Now you can donate to Friends with Tales and it won’t cost you a cent!

And your donation is ongoing, every month, this is not just a one off, so you will be helping not only today’s Friends but future Friends as well.


“To good to be its not, I am now donating $80 a year and it isn’t costing me a cent more”  Lynda Barlow
“I have joined, I am now paying $70 less a year for my electricity and my donation is $79 a year”  Frank Barlow
“Anthony Barlow here, I have joined and am now paying $110 less a year for my electricity and my donation is $99 a year.

We all have to buy our electricity from somewhere, well now the cleaver people at Community Power have come up with a way where you can help us and it won’t cost you a cent! In fact like Frank and Anthony you may even save some money yourself.

When you buy your electricity from Community Power your get great rates then a credit comes to Friends with Tales. The credit is 1 cent for every kilowatt of electricity you use.

And the best thing is that the credits are ongoing, this is not just a one off.  This will go a long way to making our services sustainable into the future.

You can request a quote here   Request a quote   Community power will come back to you with any savings they can provide to you and how much the credit to Friends with Tales will be.

Thank you for your supportLinda Barlow


Use of funds
Our goal is to raise funds to run friends with Tales site NZ wide to assist with finding rescue animals a new FUR EVER Home. Funds will also be used to assist with the costs associated with the rehoming of rescue animals across N.Z.



Every $1 counts to help Friends with Tales on its mission to save more lives and turn rescue animals into Fur Ever friends. We are here to help find the perfect New Homes for unloved animals across NZ.

We thank you in Advance, From All of Us at Friends with Tales.

To find out more about Friends and Tales and our work, visit


Switch to Community Power to start donating for free:

Simply email a copy of a recent bill to Community Power for a free, no obligation quote.

You can do this online now by clicking here    Request a quote   and attaching a recent bill.

Or you can email a copy of a recent bill to


How your donation will help:

Friends with Tales assists rescue groups and pounds across NZ to re home dogs, cats and small animals. This site provides a platform to help turn rescue animals into Family Friends.


It will also be your guide if you need assistance with a found animal, sick animal or if you can no longer take care of your own pet and need to find them a new loving home.

Friends with Tales provides animal care information, training and education, first aid help and useful tips when adopting for the first time.



Frequently asked questions and answers:

How long has Community Power been around?

Community Power started in April 2017 and to date credits of over $50,000 have been made to various charities, sports club and individuals as a result of their supporters buying their electricity from Community Power.

Many customers have also saved on their electricity and gas bills through Community Power, if we can lower your bill and save you some money as well, we will.


How can you do this? Sounds too good to be true?

We keep our operating costs lower than those of the big power companies, we don’t have executives on very large salaries, instead we use these savings to give back to the Community, to the charity, community group, club or individual of your choice. You decide who you wish to help and we send your credit there.


I currently receive a prompt payment discount, will I still receive this?


I receive a network company dividend, will I still receive this?

YES. The network dividend comes to you from the Network company regardless of which retailer you are with.

Will my power be interrupted if I switch to you?

NO, your electricity is never disconnected when switching between retailers.

Isn’t switching really hard?

NO, once you say “Yes please switch me” we do the rest. Other than proving us with a few details to set up your account thats all you need to do.

Where do you get your electricity from, do you burn coal?

Great question! We are very fortunate in New Zealand, approx 85% of our electricity is generated from renewable sources including Hydro, Geothermal and Wind.

Transpower manages the national grid and purchases electricity from the generators throughout the country according to the demand from consumers and the availability of water throughout New Zealand’s Hydro storage system.

When Hydro storage is low other forms of generation are brought on stream to meet the demand to keep the lights on.

Retailers don’t manage the source of electricity generation and nor can we guarantee to you where the electricity you use is generated from. What retailers can say is that most of the electricity you will use comes from renewable sources, its the same for all retailers.

Have any other questions…email us at:



About Community Power:

Our aim is to improve the lives of real people in our communities by giving you the opportunity to donate and help others from money you are already spending, without it costing you anymore than you are already paying. You may even pay less and save some money yourself.

We do this by being an approved, electricity retailer, able to supply electricity to households and businesses throughout New Zealand. Yes just like the big power companies, but without the expensive overheads. We use these savings to enable you to share the profits we make from your account with your community.

Simply switch your electricity to Community Power and your donation will start accurring right away. You won’t pay any more and you may even get to pay less. Join us and join the social enterprise and sharing sweeping the globe.

Community Power is a division of Plus Energy Limited, is 100% New Zealand owned and operates from Auckland, New Zealand.



To start donating at no cost to you:

Simply email a copy of a recent bill to Community Power for a free, no obligation quote.

You can do this online now by clicking here    Request a quote   and attaching a recent bill.

Or you can email a copy of a recent bill to