Now you help Nau and it won’t cost you a cent

Nau Puriri is now six seconds away from qualifying for the Track World Championships.

Nau currently uses a modified bike, but to get to the Paralympics he’ll need a more aerodynamic bike that could cost between $7,000 and $8,000.

Here’s how you can help and it won’t cost you a cent!


“We really need a bike with modified gears because he’s only got one hand he can actually use for braking.

“With his legs, they’re slightly different lengths so at the moment we’ve got an issue where we need to get him a new crank. Where the pedal fixes to, one side needs to be shorter than the other.”

“If Nau can get his time down in the next year or so, he has a good chance of making it to the Paralympics.”

Kerry Reyburn, Coach.


I am a NZ para-cyclist and a volunteer fire fighter at the Ngunguru Fire Station.


At 5 years old I suffered a stroke and was initially wheelchair bound until therapy enabled me to walk but with limited function to my right leg. My right arm also has a mind of its own and takes some concentration to control at times. At 8 years old I was diagnosed with epilepsy and the severity of the seizures over time led to a brain operation at 12 years old to control this

My Goal is to compete at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics

Nau trains full time, working on indoor training bike six days a week and doing stretches. He also has two sessions a week with a personal trainer doing strength and conditioning. He doesn’t get a salary as part of his Sport New Zealand programme but has support from his family.


“This is a wonderful opportunity to support Nau by contributing to his equipment, training and racing costs without it costing you a cent!.

Too good to be true I hear you say, well its not. I have made the switch and I now pay less for my electricity and am donating $xxx.xx a year to help Nau chase his dreams”. (name)

And the best thing about your donation is that it is ongoing, not just a one off.  This will go a long way to helping Nau chase his  Olympic dream.


Here how it works, please join me.

We all must buy our electricity from somewhere, right? Well now when you buy from Community Power you get to donate a share of the profits Community Power makes from your account to support Nau.

This business model is called Social Enterprise or sharing, its a new way of doing business while supporting the communities we live in at the same time and its sweeping the globe.

You never pay any more, like (name) you may even pay less, then whenever you use electricity in your home (or business) you will be helping raise funds to contribute to Nau’s pursuit of an Olympic dream.

The funds raised for nau come from Community Power’s profits not your pocket.


Here’s how you can help, its really simple and very easy.

Simply click here    Request a quote      and attach a copy of a recent electricity bill

to see how much you could be contributing and if you too could be paying less for your electricity.

We can create funding for Nau from business accounts as well, again simply upload a recent bill and we’ll get back to you.

You won’t pay any more than you are currently paying so there’s nothing to lose only now you will be helping Nau whenever you use electricity in your home or business.

Thank you for your support.


Frequently asked questions:

I currently receive a prompt payment discount, will I still receive this?


I receive a Network company dividend, will I still receive this?

YES. The network dividend comes to you from the Network company regardless of which retailer you are with.

Will my power be interrupted if I switch to you?

NO, your electricity is never disconnected when switching between retailers.

Isn’t switching really hard?

NO, once you say “Yes please switch me” we do the rest. Other than proving us with a few details to set up your account thats all you need to do.

Where do you get your electricity from, do you burn coal?

Great question!. We are very fortunate in New Zealand, approx 85% of our electricity is generated from renewable sources including Hydro, Geothermal and Wind.

Transpower manages the national grid and purchases of electricity from the generators throughout the country according to the demand from consumers and the availability of water throughout New Zealand’s Hydro storage system.

When Hydro storage is low other forms of generation are brought on stream to meet the demand to keep the lights on.

Retailers don’t manage the source of electricity generation and nor can we guarantee to you where the electricity you use is generated from. What retailers can say is that most of the electricity you will use comes from renewable sources, its the same for all retailers.

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About Community Power:

Our aim is to improve the lives of real people in our communities by giving you the opportunity to donate and help others from money you are already spending, without it costing you anymore than you are already paying. You may even pay less and save some money yourself.

We do this by being an approved, electricity retailer, able to supply electricity to households and businesses throughout New Zealand. Yes just like the big power companies, but without the expensive overheads. We use these savings to enable you to share the profits we make from your account with your community.

Simply switch your electricity to Community Power and your donation to Trent will start accurring right away. You won’t pay any more and you may even get to pay less. Join us and join the social enterprise revolution sweeping the globe.

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