Recovery First Foundation

Recovery First is dedicated to supporting men who are being released back into the community after spending time in prison.


With support to date, we have helped 165 men. Many reintegrated and becoming healthy citizens in our community again.

Every dollar we spend goes straight to the front-line, transporting and running recovery meetings and hosting high energy activities that show these men a better way to have fun without drugs and alcohol.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 as we need to replace our aging van that we are using for transporting people to and from recovery meetings.

While you may not be able to do what we do, you can play a part by helping us by switching your electricity account to Community Power so that a portion of your bill will be donated to Recovery First Foundation, at no cost to you.

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Our free service, run by volunteers, assists the healthy reintegration and aftercare for men that truly show a desire to be helped.  With over twenty years’ experience in the recovery field, we understand the importance of giving these men access to substance free activities and role models who provide tough, but caring love to them during a very vulnerable stage where they will either succeed or fail.

Failing often means, more people in our communities suffer home invasions, family violence, highly addictive drugs and ending up on our street.

Succeeding means our men make daily decisions to become devoted husbands, dads to their families and honest employees.

Power of Together – You, Recovery First Foundation and Community Power.

Simply buy your electricity from Community Power, pay the same you pay now (or less), Community Power then shares its profits with you so you can give to Recovery First Foundation and and it won’t cost you a cent!

The way you receive and use your electricity supply won’t change, only now you will be creating funding for Recovery First Foundation whenever you use electricity in your home or business. Yes we can create funding from business accounts as well.

Your donation to the Recovery First Foundation qualifies for a tax credit of 33%. If you currently receive a network company rebate or dividend you will continue to receive this. Simply join now, Community Powers does all the rest.

The amount of your donation depends on how much electricity you use, the average household donation ranges between $80 and $120 each year and your gift will keep on giving, year after year.

To help Recovery First Foundation raise the money they need to replace their aging van please click on Join Now to complete the application form online using the Recovery First Foundation donation number of 0000070, or request a quote to find out how much your donation would be.

Join Now   or   Request a quote

Community Power is a Social Enterprise Company, which means we share our profits with the Communities we live in. Our aim is to improve the lives of real people in our communities.