Supporting Epilepsy NZ



We are proud to be supporting fundraising for Epilepsy New Zealand.

There are 47,000+ families throughout New Zealand with someone that has Epilepsy. If just 2,000 joined we could raise around $200,000 each and every year from Community Power.


All you need to do is buy your electricity from Community Power, you will pay the same or less than you do now and get to donate from their profits (not your pocket), to Epilepsy New Zealand. The average household donation is between $80 – $120 each year and even more if its from a business account.

Your gift will keep on giving, year after year. How you receive and use your electricity remains the same and if you currently receive a Network company rebate or dividend you will continue to receive this.

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It wont cost you a cent! and Community Power do all the rest.

or email a recent bill to and they will get back to you.


Message here from someone at the foundation that has joined quoting how much there donation is and if they also received any savings themselves and commenting on how easy it was to join up.

Power of Together – You, Epilepsy NZ and Community Power. Why wouldn’t you? Join now.

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Community Power is a Social Enterprise Company, our aim is to improve the lives of real people in our communities.