Supporting Mobility Dogs


We are proud to be supporting the Mobility Dogs Trust with access to Community Power as a way for families, friends and supporters to provide ongoing financial support from a share of our profits, not your pocket.

Now you can donate $80 – $120 each year without it costing you anything AND your gift will keep on giving, year after year.

Simply buy your electricity from us, pay the same you pay now (or less), we then share our profits with you so you can give to the Mobility Dogs Trust and and it won’t cost you a cent!

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The way you receive and use your electricity supply doesn’t change, only now you will be creating funding for the Mobility Dogs Trust whenever you use electricity in your home or business. Yes we can create funding from business accounts as well.

Click on Join Now to complete the application form using the Mobility Dogs donation number of 0000010, we do all the rest.

Power of Together – Community Power, Mobility Dogs, and you. Why wouldn’t you? Join now.

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Community Power is a Social Enterprise Company, our aim is to improve the lives of real people in our communities.