“Everything we do at Swathe.me is to help make every day better for people during difficult times”
It’s now even easier for you to give direct practical support to someone you know in a time of need, even when you can’t be there in person. And it won’t cost you a cent!


Here’s how

When you buy your electricity from Community Power, you nominate someone specific to receive direct to their Swathe.me card, a share of Community Power’s profits from the electricity you use.

Your donation comes from Community Power’s profits, not your pocket.

Community Power is a new Social Enterprise company that allows you to gift a share of the profits they make when you buy from them. This new way of doing business is called Social Enterprise or sharing. Community Power and Swathe.me are delighted to be working together to help people during difficult times.

EVERY CENT you get to donate from your power account is received by your chosen Swathe.me card member, or given to someone in the community dealing with difficult times direct via our Swathe.me Charitable Trust. This will enable them to purchase timely practical support from our network of preferred suppliers with their card.

Andrew Carr, Co-Founder – Swathe.me


On each and every invoice we will let you know how much your donation was for that bill and how much you have donated since joining Community Power. Here’s an example:

Mark Markovina, Director – Community Power



  • You switch on a price match or less, you may even make some savings.
  • Donations to an individual’s Swathe.me card via the Swathe.me Charitable Trust are eligible for a 33% tax rebate, provided the individual is not a family member living in the same household.


Switch to Community Power today and make someone’s every day better with Swathe.me!

Simply click here to     Request a quote     to see how much you could be donating and if there are any savings for you as well.


About Community Power

Community Power is a new power company that wants to make a difference to the lives of New Zealanders. Our aim is to improve the lives of real people in our communities.

Community Power is a Social Enterprise Company, which means we share our profits with the Community we live in. When you buy your electricity from us, you will pay the same you pay now (or less), then you get to give a share of the profits we make on your account to someone via the Swathe.me Charitable Trust and it won’t cost you a cent!

The way you receive and use your electricity supply doesn’t change, only now you can help someone specific via the Swathe.me Charitable Trust whenever you use electricity in your home or business. Yes we can create funding from business accounts as well.

If you receive a dividend or rebate from your Network Company you will continue to receive this dividend.

If you receive a prompt payment discount you will continue to receive this.



Simply click here to    Request a quote    to see how much you could be donating and if there are any savings for you as well and include the individual’s name, surname and their Swathe.me ID if you wish to give to someone specific.

Power of Together – Community Power, Swathe.me and you.

Community Power is a division of Plus Energy Limited, is 100% New Zealand owned and operates from Auckland, New Zealand.


Frequently asked questions and answers:

I currently receive a prompt payment discount, will I still receive this?


I receive a Network company dividend, will I still receive this?

YES. The network dividend comes to you from the Network company regardless of which retailer you are with.

Will my power be interrupted if I switch to you?

NO, your electricity is never disconnected when switching between retailers.

Isn’t switching really hard?

NO, once you say “Yes please switch me” we do the rest. Other than proving us with a few details to set up your account thats all you need to do.

Where do you get your electricity from, do you burn coal?

Great question!. We are very fortunate in New Zealand, approx 85% of our electricity is generated from renewable sources including Hydro, Geothermal and Wind.

Transpower manages the national grid and purchases of electricity from the generators throughout the country according to the demand from consumers and the availability of water throughout New Zealand’s Hydro storage system.

When Hydro storage is low other forms of generation are brought on stream to meet the demand to keep the lights on.

Retailers don’t manage the source of electricity generation and nor can we guarantee to you where the electricity you use is generated from. What retailers can say is that most of the electricity you will use comes from renewable sources, its the same for all retailers.

Have any other questions…email us at: support@communitypower.co.nz